GymPact Jogs with Health Graph API for RunKeeper Features

GymPact, the startup that pays members to achieve their workout goals, announced Integration with RunKeeper via the Health Graph API. GymPact users can now expand their qualifying workouts beyond the gym. GymPact co-founder, Yifan Zhang, "Ever since we launched, [GymPact] users have asked to count outdoor activities (runs, walks, bike rides) toward their Pact." The integration with Health Graph answers the users' demand as it pulls "RunKeeper GPS-tracked activities from the API so that [GymPact] can automatically count them toward GymPacter’s Pacts."

GymPact, founded in January 2012, has already rounded up 45,000 users. The day GymPact announced its partnership with Health Graph, 1000 people immediately signed up for a beta. Zhang believes the integration capabilities lengthens GymPact's user base and Health Graph produces an ideal product for partnership:

"We see no changes needed for the current version of what we’re doing....The integration was so simple! There were very few bugs, which allowed us to focus on the product and experience rather than the engineering challenges of integration."

Health Graph uses REST protocol and JSON data format. Data available via the Health Graph API includes workout detail, nutrition information, sleep and body measurements data, blood glucose levels, and more. Specific to the GymPact integration, RunKeeper tracks distances, times, and other running related metrics to count towards GymPact goals.

In less than a year, GymPact found a sizable user base of gym members. Now, GymPact can attack the world's running base, which could boost its user base exponentially. With over 25 million Americans running for exercise today, just think about how many more will start if a paycheck is one of the results. To sign up, visit GymPact. For developers interested in other Health Graph API integration, visit Health Graph.

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