GymShamer Bags Top Prize in Foursquare Hackathon

Foursquare has announced the winners of its Hackathon held over the weekend. The worldwide event, saw more than 200 participants join in at Foursquare offices in NY and San Francisco along with other sites across the world. The result was more than 80 applications that used the Foursquare API in creative ways with GymShamer bagging top honors.

GymShamer joins the ranks of health applications that have been on the rise in the past year. The App works on the premise that to meet your fitness goals, you need to hit the gym and it tracks your check-ins at the Gym. In case you do not check-in, it will shame you by posting on Facebook or Tweeting that you have not met your goals. "Stay in Shape or get Shamed" is GymShamer's mantra and the creators, Tal Flanchraych and Volkan Unsalthe took home the Foursquare Title Belt and a video meeting with the CEO, Dennis Crowley.

Droptask won the Twilio Grand Prize at the event. The application uses Foursquare to allow you to place tasks at your locations and reward your friends for carrying them out for you. So if you are running late for a dinner meeting with friends, who have already checked in at the location, Droptask can help you tell your friends to get you a seat.

Other notable winners were Reward Board, the NASDAQ Grand Prize winner, which allows businesses on Foursquare to display real-time check-ins on a monitor in their store or restaurant. Finally, the Mashery API award went to Couch Cachet, an application which in its own words "finds the coolest parties in your neighborhood, and automatically checks you in on Foursquare so all your friends can be super jealous of how awesome you are." Wickedly cool, isn't it ?

Check out the above applications and Jury prize winners at the official blog.

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