Habbo API Gives Game Developers Access to One of the World's Largest Online Communities

Sulake, social entertainment and games company, has launched the Habbo API for its award winning Habbo Hotel game platform. Developers can publish games onto the Platform and studios can utilize the API to access Habbo's social graph and monetization capabilities. Sulake EVP, Antti Viitanen, commented on the opportunity the API presents developers:

"Habbo offers developers globally a great opportunity to create games for the huge Habbo user base, especially now, when the platform isn’t yet crowded with games."

Habbo Hotel is the world's largest social game and community for teenagers. With over 270 million registered users, and more than 5 million unique visitors per month, The Habbo API offers game developers access to an audience unmatched in size.  Sulake has partnered with premier game studios to launch the API (e.g. Game Tech & Arts Lab) and tested the waters at Game Jam earlier this year.

The Habbo API uses an HTTP/ JSON interface. Standard game technologies (e.g. Flash, HTML 5, Unity, etc.) should be used to develop games and most languages can be used for the game server. Developers should be able to get a new game up in running in less than a week. Those interested can register at the developer site.

Habbo Hotel is a household name among teenagers of over 11 languages. Game developers now have a chance to get in front of this large customer base in a timely, inexpensive manner. As one of the biggest social platforms opens itself up to new creative minds, we should see some compelling new games across this global community.

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