Hack Your Own Music Apps at Music Hack Day San Francisco

This guest post comes from Alexis Rodich, director of business communication for Bandsintown.com. You can follow her on twitter here @alexismichelle.

music_hackday2010 is not yet half over and already Music Hack Day is hitting its third city of the year: San Francisco. On May 15th and 16th, scores of hackers will convene at the Automatic Lounge for a 48 hour hack fest themed around all things music.

San Francisco comes at the heels of Amsterdam Music Hack Day, which took place over in April and the Stockholm Hack Day in January. In Amsterdam more than 20 companies contributed APIs, including the Echo Nest API, the Last.fm API and the SoundCloud API, resulting in nearly 40 hacks. The small sample below might give you a taste of what is to come in San Francisco:

ScrobbleSwarm, shown below, by Nicolas Froment. Feeds Last.fm scrobbles to Code_Swarm and allows you to watch your full scrobble history in video.

This was one of two hacks Nicolas made during Hack Day, his second being Sound-ScoreCloud, a mashup between SoundCloud and MuseScore, which won the SoundCloud prize for best hack.

Another hack, Jook, aka "The ultimate office jukebox" was created by Marcel Corso, Menno van der Sman and Robert Gaal. APIs used: Twitter, Playdar. Using playdar, Jook allows anyone on a shared network to create a collaborative playlist.

Charting is an app that uses the Echo Nest API to create a visualization of the keys songs are recorded in and shows the relative distribution of those keys using the Circle of Fifth.

A complete listing of mashups from Amsterdam can be found here, and more information on the event this weekend, including registration and a complete list of participating APIs can be found on at the official San Francisco Music Hack Day website.

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