The Hackaday Prize Aims to Revolutionize Hardware

The global Hackaday Prize has launched, and interested developers have until Aug. 4 to submit first-round entries. The Hackaday Prize is a hardware hackathon where DIY enthusiasts and developers are encouraged to build open, connected hardware that is easily reproduced. The theme “Build the Future” is intentionally ambiguous, as the Hackaday team advertises:

You’re probably wondering what you’re actually supposed to build? We’ve been vague up to this point on purpose, because spouting specific categorization stifles creativity. We want you to Build the Future—not fit inside of a tiny box made of disqualifying restraints.


Hackaday is a worldwide community that promotes the open exchange of ideas and information. Hackaday is dedicated to building a future with innovative, accessible, groundbreaking technology. Its approach to building that future is simple: Start hacking now. The Hackaday Prize is just one example of Hackaday propelling its vision to the masses. The prize is aimed at developers, hackers, designers and others across many demographics, industries and interest groups both known and unknown.

If revolutionizing the future of hardware doesn’t provide enough interest to get you started, the Hackaday Prize winners will enjoy unmatched rewards. The grand prize winner will take a trip to space on his or her carrier of choice (alternatively, the winner can select the cash value of $196,000). Other prizes, including 3-D printers, milling machines, vacations and cash prizes, are available.

After the first-round deadline, a group of “contenders” will be selected to refine their projects for judging in the second round. Five finalists will be selected from the contenders, and a representative of the winning team will be flown to accept the award at Electronica in Munich.

To remain apprised of all updates, sign up. To see some of the projects already entered, check out some of the official entries.

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