HackLolla Winners: Enjoy Lollapalooza Now or Later

The HackLolla API contest is done and we have the info about the awesome mashups that won prizes in it. The music loving developer contest, announced in May, urged applications coded against the Lollapalooza schedule and artist discovery.

Lollapalooza's contest results in a press release:

The 2011 Official Lollapalooza iPhone and Android Apps are in their final stages of development as we speak, and will be rolled out in a matter of days (it has some pretty sweet features itself). Make sure your following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook to get the news first.

Check out the runners-up and the rest of the HackLolla entries here.

For the first time, we are opened up our festival data for anyone to use. We’ve seen a number of fans make some truly cool web and mobile apps related to Lollapalooza in the past year, and we want to help facilitate and encourage that type of passion and creativity. In fact, we offered a VIP Flyaway trip to Lolla for the developer who comes up with the best implemented, most creative, and most impactful App related to Lollapalooza. And we’ll also promote the App to our fans, to help enhance everyone’s festival experience. The contest is now closed. For details about the Lolla API and the contest, skip on over to HackLolla.com.

The Grand Prize went to Veokami, a mashup allowing you to watch your favorite sets again using uploaded YouTube videos. You can switch camera angles during a set and continue to watch seamlessly, as the videos are all time-synced to the recording. It also has some pretty cool sharing functions, allowing you to tag your favorite moments, and tell your friends about them.

The Popular Choice Award went to Who's Now Who's Next, a mashup that does something very simple: tell users who's playing right now, and who's next up, in a simple, easy to use manner. It's an Android app, and it does what it says on the tin. For someone at the festival, this would be extremely convenient and useful to have around.

Congratulations to the winners, and be sure to check out the runners-up if you're interested.

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