Hail That API: Click A Taxi Brings a Global Fleet to Your App

The Click a Taxi API integrates the company's ability to call a taxi in any of 5,000 cities in 50 countries. Surely one of the 300,000 taxis that partner with Click A Taxi will be available...In addition to the API, the company offers apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Platform. By accessing your device's GPS, it can suggest a meeting place or take one from you and reserve a taxi with one of their local partnering taxi companies.  Here's what the API methods support. In addition to  using location information, it will suggest a taxi company based on availability and vehicle capacity, and complete the booking. Results are wrapped in a JSON Callback Function.

Some taxi companies require a dropoff destination as well as the pickup location as a condition booking. The app checks for this by looking at a destinationRequired boolean attribute. If true, it will send both pickup and dropoff information during the booking.

Bookings for a taxi may be done up to 24 hours in advance. If you're traveling by plane, bus or train, his gives the option to book a taxi in your destination city before departure--without having to make a call. As a pilot out of London, Esben Toensager, put it, "This must be the best customer service I've ever encountered from any taxi company--and these guys just do an app. Impressive stuff."

Just be sure to book that taxi taking into account possible flight delays...

The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, but that's irrelevant--the only concern for the user is whether Click A Taxi happens to be in their city. Given that they are growing at about 60% per quarter, you can bet they'll be adding your city soon, if they haven't pulled up there already.

In a tasty twist, Click A Taxi is partnering with restaurants that register their customers' information. This allows the restaurant to book the taxi (through Click A Taxi, of course) and have an SMS message sent directly to the customer alerting them that the booking has been made. Thanks for the tip!

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