Hall API Connects Third Party Apps with Collaboration Platform

Hall, communication and collaboration Platform for teams and business, allows teams to integrate various apps through the Hall API. Hall offers a suite of tools and features that enable teams to communicate, provide feedback, and share work in a seamless fashion (e.g. chat, file sharing, video sharing, etc.). Hall believes the world is currently evolving to a new normal when it comes to communication and project completion. Hall CEO, Brett Hellman, explained:

"Hall is building a real-time business network. The way we work is undergoing a fundamental change. Nine to five business hours are a thing of the past – we are working round-the-clock with teams in distributed locations. These workplace changes make real-time communications critical to keeping businesses productive…. Hall can help: Hall is designed with the needs of businesses in mind and includes the features that teams need: Group Chat, File Sharing, Chat Search, Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, System Administration, and Reporting."

Only a few years old, Hall can boast of widespread adoption of its platform and its thought process. From Nike to Amazon, Hall continues to innovate in collaborative products and customers continue to welcome new features. Check out the impressive list of integration partners that spread the Hall hype and utilize Hall in production environments.

The Hall API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. The main method currently used by partners is connecting Hall to third party app accounts (e.g. Zapier, GitHub, Heroku, and many more). To better understand the Integration capabilities of Hall, visit the integration site.

Hall has gone for broke on the vision that the workplace has fundamentally changed. Its web-based communications and collaboration platform have grabbed the attention of legacy companies and Web 2.0 startups alike. Its API strategy nicely fits into the always on, always connected thought process; and should continue to foster an increasingly collaborative workforce.

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