HALO 5 Stats API Lets Anyone Snag Player Statistics

Halo 5: Guardians hits the XBox One on October 27, but 343 Industries -- maker of the game -- has something special in store for developers. The company plans to release a public stats API so enthusiasts can build their own apps, sites, and communities around the game. 

"Throughout the development of Halo 5: Guardians, we knew that giving players tools to access game data needed to be a top priority," said the company in a blog post. "We’re aware of the power of putting these tools into your hands, and teams from around the studio have been collaborating to make this a reality. "

The stats API will allow anyone to capture player statistics directly from the game. It will support Service Record (life-to-date stats for each player); Match History (access to each match played), and Carnage Report (complete statistical breakdown for each player in a match). 343 Industries believes these should be enough to give developers what they need to get started. 

The Halo 5 stats API is being tested in a private beta, but 343 Industries says it is working with professional groups such as ESL, MLG, and Halo Charts to ensure there's plenty of data on launch day. 

Speaking of which, 343 isn't exactly sure when the stats API will be available, but says it should be released "around the same time" the game is later this month. 

"We know you'll surprise and delight us with inventive and unexpected uses, and we can't wait to see what you develop and share with the Halo community later this year and beyond," said the company. 343 suggeted developers pay attention to Halo Waypoint for more information. 

It also shard some information about the playlists that will be available at launch. For example, Warzone is Halo 5's 24-player mode and it supports matches 30 minutes or longer. Other playlists inlcude Warzone Assault, Team Arena, Slayer (old-school Halo!), Breakout, Free-For-All,  SWAT, and Weekend Social. The Big Team Battle mode won't be available at launch, but 343 Industries says it should be available soon after the game goes live. 


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