Hand Craft Your Way to Great Prizes in Etsy API Contest

Etsy, a marketplace for buyers and sellers of handmade products, has launched an API contest. Developers have a chance to create winning applications that could reach the more than 5 million Etsy members and at the same time win some cash awards.

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We first covered the Etsy API about 18 months back and since then it has launched version 2 of API. To celebrate that, it has announced a developer contest. The Developer contest, totally $17,500 in prizes is open to applications in 3 categories:

  • Buyer Tools: These applications connect the buyers to the items and primarily will use the Etsy API’s search features.
  • Seller Tools: These applications allow the sellers to manage their shops i.e. manage their lists, chart their sales, etc.
  • Mobile:  With the exponential growth in mobile usage, this category will applications that bring Etsy functionality to mobile phones.

The applications that you submit should use the new version 2 features of the API, such as OAuth and read/write methods for listings. You can submit as many applications, but a single application can be submitted in only one category. The Etsy API Handmade Code Contest is open to residents of the United States, Australia, Canada (except Québec), Germany and the United Kingdom who are at least 18 years of age as of September 15, 2010.

The Etsy Developer community site has all the information that you need to get started with the API. The Etsy site has several applications that you can take inspiration from, in addition to the Etsy mashups in our directory. So get going with the Etsy API and submit your application by October 15, 2010 to win some recognition and prizes.


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How about they offer an affiliate program so the developers could actually make some real money off their APIs? This company received about $50 million in funding and their giving away $17500 to help them sell more products? This reeks of a company growing on the backs of 3rd party developers under the disguise of a contest

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