Handshake API Integrates Sales Order Platform with Third Party Apps and Services

Handshake, sales order processing Platform, offers the Handshake API that allows developers to integrate Handshake with third party applications and services. Handshake allows users to write, accept, and sync orders across any device or server running the Handshake platform. Additionally, Handshake supports barcode scanning for more streamlined order processing.

Handshake has been dubbed the “Square” of B2B, and founder Glen Coates explained:

“Our competitive edge is strongly rooted in the fact that Handshake is built with B2B reps in mind, and it really solves their specific problems….[S]ince this space is typically served through enterprise software licensing deals, which come with high price-tags and contract lock-in, we saw a big gap for an agile, SaaS-based solution which would let teams of all sizes get up and running with minimum up-front investment.”

Handshake launched in late 2010. Since then, its ratings and customer base has exploded. Today, it serves mom and pop shops just as it serves large enterprises (e.g. OXO, Bugaboo, Roland, etc.). The Handshake app alone allows customers to easily export sales data; however, to truly unlock the power of Handshake within an existing system, users should integrate via the Handshake API.

The Handshake API uses REST protocol and returns calls in either XML or JSON data format. Orders are automatically tracked and synced. Users can sort order data by various categories (e.g. item, region, sales rep, etc.). For more information, visit the API site and register for an API Key.

Payment processing apps come a dime a dozen. Most consumer focused payment apps have even launched a physical dongle that accept credit card swipes via a mobile device. However, few have strictly focused on B2B sales forms that avoid traditional, manual processes. Handshake has carved itself out a nice slice of this niche and its API capabilities should help it grow its share.

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