HAPI Hack Happening This Weekend in San Francisco

Hackathons are now a part of mainstream. Our coverage of the changing nature of Hackathons shows that they are being applied to different streams too. The latest hackathon is API-oriented and presents another opportunity for devs to learn about APIs, interact with other devs, build something cool and win prizes.

HAPI Hack is scheduled for this weekend, August 13-14 at the TokBox office in San Francsico. The event is free and you are encouraged to sign up early since seats are limited. An earlier HAPI Hack was held in June.

The Event kicks of on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. with API overviews from the Tokbox API, Twilio API, Box.net API  and many more. So if you are getting started with some of them, this might be a good way to commence the Hackathon. The stage then moves on to pitching your idea and forming teams.

The teams then hack away (aptly called "Hackety Hack" time) on their product until midnight on Saturday and commence again on Sunday until 3:00 p.m. This is followed by demos and the awards ceremony.

There are some cool prizes to win. Each API vendor is providing a prize and you can visit the event page for registering and finding out the APIs available and what they do. If you live in and around San Francisco, continue on "The Pursuit of APIness" and attend HAPI Hack.

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