Hardcat Launches API Access to Asset Management Platform

Hardcat, an asset management solution provider, has released version 4 of its flagship asset tracking software. V4 includes a new graphic interface, grid-format database construction, links, data retrieval, and an API that allows users to tweak the front end according to personal requirements. V4 represents the most extensive overhaul of the solution since its initial release over 25 years ago.

“Hardcat has been around since 1986 and has continuously evolved as new technology trends such as bar-code scanning, mobile handheld devices, and cloud computing were embraced by business,”  Dan Drum, Hardcat Managing Director, said in an article.

V4 and the associated API sticks with Hardcat’s continued dedication to evolving with the changing technology landscape. The API has long driven Hardcat from the inside, but partner access to such an API gives nuanced personalization to each user. Bulk change capabilities, editable user-defined fields, multi-language support, and mobile platform support stand as attractive benefits of the completely rebuilt V4.

Hardcat services over 3,000 companies across the globe. From government and defense to manufacturing and transportation, Hardcat has a solution to asset management across the board. For the first time since its initial launch, Hardcat has rebuilt its software solution from the ground up and relaunched the product with an intense focus on meeting partners’ needs in the modern mobile and web-based world. An API strategy lies at the heart of its rebuild and should serve Hardcat well as it continues to grow its customer base.

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