Harness The Power of Everybody's Bright Ideas - Brightidea API

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, so the need for innovation is great. The business and marketing arenas are a competitive playground, and now so more than ever, companies are driven to dig even deeper into their resources to stay ahead of the pack. Taking advantage of a broader range of ideas from employees and customers would be a very smart move. Brightidea.com is a market and technology provider for Innovation Pipeline Management and provides the Brightidea API.

The Brightidea Innovation Suite is a cloud-based, integrated set of Web 2.0 and social networking tools, designed to give organizations the tools to build an innovation culture amongst employees, partners and customers.

The suite is made up of Brightidea's Webstorm, Switchboard and Pipeline solutions, which offer the following:

Webstorm - Enhanced idea collection functionality

It's an online brainstorming session where everyone is invited. It's about leveraging the wisdom of both employees and customers. It creates engagement and interaction across departments and provides a steady flow of new ideas that can be further developed into actual products or services.

Webstorm makes up part of the Bright Idea Innovation Suite

Switchboard - Proposal development

Switchboard helps companies make the right decisions on which ideas will be the the great ones. It's a sophisticated tool for organizing ideas, developing them into business proposals and streamlining the proposal evaluation process.

Switchboard makes up part of the Brightidea Innovation Suite

Pipeline - Agile social project management

This allows companies to manage and track early stage projects, keeping a close eye on the financial value of the innovation pipeline.

"...Before Pipeline we underestimated our innovation pipeline value by 50%." — Experian

Pipeline makes up part of the Brightidea Innovation Suite

Brightidea's software has already proven to be successful with over 300 businesses worldwide, including Adobe, Bosch, Cisco, Harley-Davidson, Experian, Thomson Corp, British Telecom, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Honeywell.

The Brightidea API allows access to data created using Brightidea On Demand Products. It follows a simple REST protocol using HTTP requests with returns defaulting to XML.

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