Hasbro Legal Ends Risk Mashup

Alas, the fun little game Risk on a Google Map is no more (and it was one of the /popular mashups). As reported at Google Maps Mania, the lawyers at Hasbro issued a fatal cease and desist letter to the game's creator. Always a risk when playing (pardon the puns) with copyrighted material. Is Brewster Jennings next? Perhaps it's a safer, 'inspired by' model.

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If Hasbro was smart, they'd hire the person who developed the Risk Mashup to work with Google to develop a game that they could sell online ...


There could be an opportunity there, at least in terms of better PR and community building. Although map-wise Hasbro just needs a simple world map so the Google aspect might be overkill. But was fun for a simple mashup.

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