Hasura Introduces Hasura Cloud

Hasura, a data access infrastructure company, recently introduced Hasura Cloud. Hasura Cloud provides secure and instant access to data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. It uses the unified GraphQL API to achieve this cross-cloud capability. Because it utilizes GraphQL, Hasura Cloud helps businesses achieve their cross-cloud goals without investment in expensive IT investments.

Hasura Cloud was borne out of Hasura's existing enterprise product: Hasura Pro. Hasura Pro is amplified in Hasura Cloud with the addition of cloud-specific functionality. Features include data caching, auto- Scaling, global availability and consumption-based pricing.

The goal of Hasura Cloud is to help data owners unlock data that is trapped in silos. Whether businesses face problems with fast-moving operational data, or static data warehouses and lakes, Hasura cloud was built to provide assistance. The primary method lying behind Hasura cloud is an approach that connects applications by federating access to where the underlying data lies. Hasura does this with an API approach that has security, governance, and scalability baked in.

Early testers of Hasura Cloud have had nothing but good things to say with the new offering. Hasura introduced the product at Hasura Con '20. This year's version was a virtual event that brought Hasura developers and collaborators together for six straight days of working together. To learn more, visit Hasura site.

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