Hasura Introduces New GraphQL Data Federation Feature: Remote Joins

Hasura, a GraphQL data and services company, has introduced a new data federation feature: Remote Joins. Remote Joins allows developers to treat data across sources as a single database. The existing data sources do not need to be modified in order to utilize Remote Joins. With a point and click, a relationship across the sources is created and unified access is created through the GraphQL API.

“Being able to access existing related data across independently owned systems of record is a game changer for developer teams," Tanmai Gopal, Hasura co-founder and CEO, commented in a press release. "Developers can build and ship capabilities that add value to their users within minutes by leveraging relationships in their user data where it is right now, even if the data they need spans multiple independent domains."

The vast variety of data sources that currently exist often cause problems with Integration as they expose different interfaces (e.g. GraphQL, REST, native protocols, etc.). Remote Joins allows these disparate types to be joined together through GraphQL. The underlying data sources maintain their existing forms but gain unified access through the GraphQL API. Accordingly, developers continue to maintain their existing data as originally built and maintained.

Remote Joins is current in public beta. Hasura will showcase the new feature at Hasura Con '20, which is still waiting for a new date after being postponed. Learn more about this feature at GitHub.

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