Have Your Say in the Street Apps Challenge

Thomson Reuters launched the StreetApps Challenge, a developer contest that invites developers to develop Smartphone applications that make use of the Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct API.

As part of the challenge, developers were asked to submit native mobile applications that run on either of iPhone/iPad, Android or Blackberry Operating Systems. The only criterion was to use any of the datasets that were exposed by the Thomson Reuters Knowledge Direct API. Sample datasets included Market Data, Stock Quotes, Online Reports, Broker Estimates, etc. The total prize money is $25,000 with a first prize of $15,000, an iPad and a opportunity for the application to be displayed on the Thomson Reuters Jumbotron in NYC.

The submission phase, which we covered in April, ran until early July. We are now in the public voting phase, that ends on August 29, 2010. Visit the application gallery, where you can view the applications submitted and vote for them.

TRAMKnowledge Storm

A couple of applications that are currently leading in the voting are TRAM, available on iPhone/Android, which combines Portfolio, Market Data with Analytics, and Knowledge Storm, available on Android, that provides an intelligent view of Online Reports, fundamentals and market developments.

Developer contests continue to be popular and the StreetApps Challenge is another example of how a company can attract developers to their API and build applications on them, at a fraction of the cost of building the apps themselves.


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[...] Contest for developing Smart phone based financial applications, has announced its winners. Our previous coverage of the contest asked readers to go and vote for the applications that they liked. This was part of [...]

Just to note - developers retain all rights to their submissions. Also, the two apps mentioned above were made by Thomson Reuters employees.

Following these apps. I like Knowledge Storm & Bumper Stock (my personal favourites)