Haven Life Announces Term Life Insurance API

Haven Life has announced API access to its term life insurance buying system. With API access to term life insurance, partner companies from lifestyle sites and insurance lead generators, to wellness platforms and health sites gain easy access to term life insurance for their users.

"Life insurance is a critical part of most people's financial plans -- yet it's very challenging to offer online," John Latona, Haven Life General Manager, commented in a press release. "With this API, we are seeking new business partners who wish to help us further demystify life insurance so that more people have access to a simple way to financially protect their loved ones."

Prior to this announcement, Haven Life tested the API with 15+ customers. Haven Life reports that insurance applications started through the API experienced a 614% higher conversion rate than applications started outside the API. With the API integrated, users can complete an entire application without leaving the partner's property (e.g. website, mobile app, etc.)

Haven Life provides access to its API through either a embeddable quote widget (few lines of code, optimized to meet most circumstances), or through a customizable REST API. The REST API gives partner developers the ability to control the User Experience for their target users. For more details, request access.

Haven Life announced the API shortly after expanding its coverage options. With a goal of "frictionless path to purchase," the broader potential pool of applicants the more likely Haven Life will meet its goal. Through the API, both Haven Life and the partner company gain full access to how many applicants enter and complete the purchase.

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