Hayo Smart Home Device Includes Developer API

Hayo, connected home solution provider, recently announced that its smart home device will include a Hayo API for developers to tap into. The API gives developers the ability to "receive events" from virtual remote controls. Once received, the API can trigger a subsequent action through third party apps and devices.

Hayo interacts with virtual remote controls through the use of "Boxes". Boxes are geometric virtual 3D objects in space. To begin, Hayo can recognize three types of Boxes (i.e. Buttons, Sliders, and Barriers). Buttons are spheres, 15 cm in diameter, and Buttons are used for binary actions (e.g. turn a TV on or off, play or pause a song, turn volume up or down, etc.). Sliders are cylinders, 15 cm in diameter and 50 cm in height, and Sliders are used to interpret values through percentages (0% - 100%). Barriers are parallelepipeds, 60 x 60 x 100 cm in size, that are activated when something crosses the Barriers' space.

Virtual remote controls that are integrated with the API will broadcast a JSON response to the local network each time the virtual remote control is activated. The API is enabled through connecting to the Hayo app and activating Hayo API actions. The parameters needed to set up an action are the device name, the Boxel containing the virtual remote control's name, and the type parameter which identifies which type of virtual remote control is sending the event. To learn more, sign up for a Hayo account and view the API documentation.

Those interested in obtaining a Hayo device, should check out pre-ordering at the IndieGogo site. Hayo expects to begin shipping in September of this year. A number of smart home platforms have already integrated with Hayo include Amazon dash, Nest, Logitech, Hue, Sonos, Wemo, Roku, Lifx, IFTTT, and Wink among others.   

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