Hello Social Launches Social Media Marketing Platform and API

Hello Social, aimed at liberating social media data and enabling users to better engage their social media audience, just launched its company and an API to better incorporate its product offering into existing apps and workflows. Hello Social focuses on the term "engage". Since social media has taken firm hold in the marketing space, Hello Social believes true engagement with social media audiences unlocks the true potential of social media marketing. Hello Social co-founder and CEO, Dominik Dryja, commented:

"We’re giving the tools for Internet companies to track very simply whether he’s actually an engaged user, whether he’s actually recommended something, whether he’s a paid user, all coming soon in future releases.... There’s no system right now that delivers this kind of solution, and we’d like to continue in the future developing things in that area.”

The Hello Social Platform captures data and provides insight regarding the data. The Hello Social API allows developers to extend Hello Social's reach to additional apps. Although Hello Social launched a few days ago, the team has pondered a number of scenarios the API might extend to for data collection (e.g. contest marketing websites, mobile apps, management tools, monitoring services, marketing landing pages, other online services).

The API uses REST protocol. The aim of the API is to extend a social media promotion to additional apps and websites where an audience can later engage with the same promotion. For more information, visit the developer site.

Social Media has evolved as a cheap, commonplace method of interacting with customers and followers. However, it remains unclear what the best social media tactics are, or what the actual impact of such campaigns bring. Tools such as Hello Social should help realize a positive impact.

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