HelloSign Unveils New eSigning Experience

HelloSign, an eSignature solution, announced today a completely revamped eSigning experience, hoping to make it easier to electronically sign documents from anywhere on any device. The new signing experience offers features like progress tracking during document signing, the ability to insert a signature everywhere necessary with a single click, and the option for signers to skip to the next required field. In addition, the new eSigning experience also introduces white labeling for HelloSign APITrack this API users as well as data validation for any paid plan. All of these improvements support HelloSign’s mission to provide the best eSignature solution available.

With the updated signer page, HelloSign hopes that anyone signing a document through HelloSign will experience a faster and easier way to eSign using any device — from large desktop monitors to mobile phones and everything in between. Improvements include new automation features like the ability for users to move quickly through repeat fields with the “Insert Everywhere” button and data validation. Data validation decreases signer mistakes by ensuring that information entered into text fields matches the specified format. The improved signer experience also allows users to see their progress with a field counter that shows the number of remaining required fields.

“We arrived with this particular new experience by listening to what our users want — a faster, simplified workflow optimized for signing on any device. We kept the actions that matter, removed the ones that don’t, and created new actions our users asked us for,” said Joseph Walla, CEO and co-founder of HelloSign. “It’s been a road full of iterations that every department had their hands in and we feel it reflects the best user experience available today.”

The updated eSigning experience also allows HelloSign’s API customers to white label their embedded and non-embedded signer pages, removing all HelloSign branding and providing a more consistent experience for their users. API customers can use white labeling to customize the background color of the signer page, the color of the header, text colors, link colors, primary button colors and more. API customers with multiple apps affiliated with their HelloSign account are able to customize each app. HelloSign is the only eSignature API to offer this level of customization through white labeling.

“When it comes to our API, our primary goal is to empower our customers to provide the best possible user experience for their own users. Now our API customers will benefit from at least a 22% increase in the document completion rate with our new signer page,” says Joseph Walla. “And by allowing our customers’ brands to shine, their users will feel like the signer page is simply just part of the native product, eliminating unnecessary confusion and drop off.”

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