Help Scout Launches v2 of Its Mailbox API

Help Scout, a help desk Platform provider, has announced the launch of version 2 of its Mailbox API.

The Help Scout Mailbox API 2.0 implements OAuth2 for more user-friendly Authentication with the services Help Scout customers are integrated with. 

Help Scout has also added better error messaging. Specifically, error messages are more descriptive and contain links to Documentation where available. Additionally, each response from the API now contains a unique Correlation-ID response header. When customers include the Correlation-ID in support requests, Help Scout can more easily investigate what went wrong with a specific request.

Finally, the second version of the Mailbox API implements the strict meaning of the POST and PUT HTTP verbs and doubles rate limits.

According to Help Scout, its v2 Mailbox API is already being used with its Zapier and Trello integrations.

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