Helping Musicians Reach The Fans: BandPage API

BandPage creates a Platform where musicians, fans and others in the music industry can interact easily. For musicians, it can be difficult to stay connected to fans who are scattered all over the web. BandPage aims to rectify this issue by providing musicians with a one-stop-shop solution; update once and publish everywhere. Bands simply create a BandPage profile and all their info is updated across various other online channels as well. The BandPage API allows third party developers to access this data and integrate it into other applications.


These are the products that make it all work:

BandPage on Facebook - a completed BandPage profile can be published as a tab on a musician's Facebook fan page.

BandPage Extensions - these are advanced widgets that fit easily into a band's blog or website.

BandPage Website Extension - musicians can create personalised websites using BandPage. The website extension autopopulates with the BandPage content and provides the user with a unique URL.

The BandPage Connect API uses a RESTful Graph-oriented structure. In order to make use of this functionality, an authorization header containing an OAuth2 access token is required. Developers can get more information on the BandPage website.

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