HelpSocial Releases New Version of its Open API

HelpSocial, a social media and messaging Integration Platform provider, has announced the launch of an updated version of the HelpSocial Open API. The new HelpSocial Open API is modularly built and has been enhanced for improved performance, scalability, and security. The API provides access to all capabilities of the platform. The company has also updated its Connect Dashboard, a standalone Social CRM and command center, that is often considered "a visual menu of the Open API capabilities."

HelpSocial is a social customer service platform that helps businesses use social networks and messaging as a customer service channel and to unify service teams. HelpSocial was spun out of Rackspace in 2014 and initially funded by a seed round from serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban. The HelpSocial platform combines social and messaging comments with internal customer data sending the combined data to contact center and other systems in a manner that allows it to be routed, like a phone call.

Developers can use the HelpSocial Open API to integrate platform capabilities into Web and mobile applications. HelpSocial platform capabilities include streaming content from across social networks, replying to social and messaging comments, and push/pull updates from external systems. The API also allows applications to ingest streaming content then filter that content based on criteria such as keywords, priority status, and sentiment.

"Customer Service happens from everywhere across a business and response times matter. The faster, the better. The new version of our Open API is modularly built, giving organizations the ability to select features and integrate them into the service platforms they use today. This allows for social media to be used on any team, in any department in any company," stated Matt Wilbanks, HelpSocial Co-founder and CEO, for the press release. "Additionally, our utility-based pricing model ensures fair and flexible pricing that provides companies a cost-effective way to fully scale social media across contact centers full of agents, so they can consistently deliver a near instant response to social comments."

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