HERE Mobility Launches Mobility SDK

HERE Mobility, mobility ecosystem solution provider, has introduced the HERE Mobility SDK. The SDK gives iOS, Android and React Native developers access to "smart" mobility features. Powering these features are HERE Mobility's intelligent matching algorithms and Big Data tools. The end goal is to democratize the mobile ecosystem by enriching apps and increasing user engagement.

"In a landscape where transportation is digital, clickable, and on-demand, providing users with a full-range of transportation options is a huge task for developers,"HERE Mobility SVP, Liad Itzhak, commented in a press release. "Our SDK empowers developers to enhance their apps with native mobility capabilities with one simple SDK containing all their transportation needs. With our SDK developers have the right tools to build door-to-door experiences that increase engagement and customer loyalty."

The HERE Mobility SDK was originally released to a limited beta group. In May, the company opened access to participants at a HERE Mobility Hackathon and a TechCrunch Disrupt SF Hackathon. Now, the SDK has been publicly launched giving developers across the board access to HERE Mobility's suite of mobility tools.

The SDK is divided into two general categories: mobility services and map & location services. Mobility services includes features that enhance transportation services (e.g. ride request offer, ride booking/canceling, journey updates). Map & location services enables the Integration of interactive maps with features like zoom, guidance, location, and more. For more specifics, check out the HERE Mobility SDK site.

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