Here Technologies Opens Beta for Location Data Cloud Service

Here Technologies, maker of Here Venue MapsTrack this API and Here Public TransitTrack this API, recently introduced Here XYZ. XYZ is a location data management cloud service. It's an open tool that allows the community to contribute to the location data. The service provides services through APIs, SDKs, and other interactive tools.

Location data is provided in real-time. Through the APIs and SDKs, the service scales as needed. Programmatic access is available in small quantities or available for large datasets. Developers can push out integrations with a single click. The offering is available in beta now.

Those interested should check out the XYZ Beta site. There, cartographers, mapping enthusiasts, and others who work with geospatial data can learn how to interact with the tool. Interactions include uploading data, managing data, displaying data on a map, and more. At the site, Here has provided access to the CLI where developers can try out the APIs.

Learn more about geospatial data storage and rendering in the API docs. The docs cover XYZ Maps UI, XYZ CLI, XYZ Hub, XYZ Maps Playground, GeoJSON Viewer, and XYZ Studio UI Docs.

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