Heroku Launches Platform API

Cloud application Platform, Heroku, has released the Heroku Platform API. The Platform API allows developers to extend its cloud platform to third party applications and services. With the release, Heroku hopes to inspire apps built upon the Heroku platform, Heroku-based developer tools, and an expanded Heroku ecosystem into additional web services. The Platform API developed from an internal API that Heroku developers used to build tools like toolbelt and dashboard. Heroku wants to empower its developer community with the same tools it created for in-house use.

Since 2007, Heroku has developed a user base that spans many industries from small startups to time-tested enterprises. Recently, CareerBuilder shaved months off its latest app deployment by building upon Heroku. Expanding its platform via an API will allow those with heavy investments in third party platforms and services to seamlessly integrate Heroku's scale and flexibility into app development.

The Heroku Platform API uses HTTPS protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. The API constitutes a platform API upon which apps are to be built. With a few lines of code, developers can launch apps without worrying about traditional server stand up and other startup hassles. For basic examples and more details, visit the API site.

Heroku has developed into a poster child for the move towards the cloud. Heroku brings scalability to any developer, anywhere. With API access to its cloud platform, Heroku will continue to move users out of traditional frameworks and into a cloud platform.

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