Hey Pinterest, When Will a Public API be Available?

Last week I read an article written by Kin Lane's Lack of Pinterest API is a Lack of API Business Strategy. The article points out that Pinterest has been developing a public API since May 2011. Though there once was API documentation for Pinterest, the company has yet to officially make the Pinterest API available to the public.

It is understandable that it is taking a long time for Pinterest to develop a public API. API development is very complex and many factors need to be considered and addressed before building and releasing an API. Lane provides several suggestions for Pinterest to use appropriate API building blocks in the development of their API. The suggestions include Pinterest providing to web developers; Branding Guidelines, a UI / UX Toolkit, a real time Roadmap, and a fair Terms of Use Policy.

Pinterest Home Page

Companies like Twitter, Facebook and Google have been using web APIs for some time now as a means to market their products and services, and to help create a loyal fan base. Now that Pinterest is the third most-popular social network in the U.S. (behind Facebook and Twitter), many web developers are looking for Pinterest to finally release an API. There is even an Unofficial Pinterest API Group (a closed/non-public Facebook Interest Group) that currently has 2,702 members interested in developing web applications using the Pinterest API.

The Pinterest site support section states that "We currently do not have a public API," however you can fill out a "brief contact form to be one of the first to know when it's ready."

There is clearly a great deal of interest in a Pinterest API. So the question is "Hey Pinterest, When Will a Public API be Available?"

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