HeyWire Business Launches Partner Program for Mobile Messaging API

Mobile messaging, a technology that is often associated with smartphones, is now being more broadly applied within the enterprise. Application of this technology is increasing in areas typically dominated by legacy instant messaging applications. One providers of such a service is HeyWire Business, which today launched a channel partner program designed to reward partners that leverage the company's API.

Image Credit: Heywire.com

Meredith Flynn-Ripley, HeyWire Business CEO, says that their cloud Platform is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that service providers or developers can invoke to add additional functionality. This functionality creates an additional revenue stream for customers without them having to invest in building out that capability themselves. The HeyWire Business service provides an alternative to relying on mobile messaging software provided by telecommunications carriers at a time when many customers want to rely less on traditional instant messaging solutions that have not been optimized for mobile computing platforms.

Based on a RESTful API created by HeyWire Business, Flynn-Ripley says rather than asking customers to give out their mobile computing numbers, the HeyWire Business service is designed to send messages to mobile computing devices via the office phone owned by the organization paying for the service. That not only gives that organization visibility into those messages; it means employees don’t necessarily have to give out their personal mobile phone numbers to, for example, corporate customers.

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Flynn-Ripley says it takes about 24 hours for an office phone to become registered before the service can begin forwarding mobile messages to any designated mobile computing device. HeyWire Business, says Flynn-Ripley, is part of a new wave of easily programmable telecommunications services that are being delivered via the cloud. That approach not only makes those services more accessible; it prevents customers from becoming locked into any particular service.

HeyWire Business already has existing OEM partnerships and Flynn-Ripley says that HeyWire expects to make additional vendor partnerships in 2014, which should help expand the base of end users accessing the HeyWire Business service. The current total base of end users of the HeyWire Business service is over 20 million.

Mobile messaging should be a standard element of just about every mobile computing application. The challenge is that building in that capability is beyond the resources most developers have at hand. The opportunity is delivering that capability in a way that actually generates additional revenue for the developer.

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