Highwinds CDN API Powers Multi-Platform Entertainment Properties

Highwinds takes an API-centric approach to providing Content Delivery Network (CDN) services to entertainment companies.

Highwind's API allows entertainment companies' IT departments to set up content delivery networks (CDNs) on a very customized basis. Entertainment companies can programmatically establish CDN's for each content channel they operate, across all the different platforms they distribute content (mobile, web, tablet, IPTV, etc.).

"You don't even have to touch our UI", explains Jay Moore, Highwinds VP of Marketing, at the Digital Entertainment World this week in Los Angeles . "Sophisticated customers can set up sub-accounts, give internal customers total control of their edge content caches, and then provide detailed billing to them - all via our RESTful API".

Highwind's API helped the company pioneer a "GDN" - Game Delivery Network - and it works with major players including GameFly, Wargaming.net, Playwire and Technicolor.

Highwinds API:

Highwinds provides detailed API docmentation of their API here. You can see how easy it is to programmatically provision customers, deliver content and provide analytics.


Most traditional CDN functionality is available through an API, not a customer service desk - differentiating Highwinds from some of the larger players in the CDN industry.

Highwinds API is utilized by:

  1. Entertainment companies (working across properties and platforms)
  2. CDN resellers (a few provide most of the reseller business to Highwinds)
  3. Digital agencies (an auto-dealership client can have their own CDN service).

It will be interesting to see how Highwinds' API enables it to compete in the highly competitive Content Delivery (CDN) market.

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