Highwire: Giving Shoppers a Balanced Choice

Highwire helps retailers achive multi-channel selling through ebay, Facebook, and Google. To design a store, you can use Highwire templates or prebuilt themes, as well as your own HTML.Then, you can use the Highwire API that comes in two versions. The HTML flavor allows you to customize your store with a simple templating engine. The REST API allows you to connect your store on Highwire to a larger third party application or to write your own custom plug-ins.The RESTful API accepts and responds with both XML and JSON-formatted data.

The Highwire service allows you to accept credit cards, have a custom domain, supports mobile commerce and also provides apps that allow the retailer to keep informed on new orders.

Product revisions automatically update across all channels, and disappear when an item is out of stock. Highwire also provides search engine optimization.

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