Hilton App Integrates Uber API to Let Guests Request Rides

Earlier this year, Hilton leveraged multiple Google APIs to provide a better guest experience while inside the hotel. Now, the hotel giant has partnered with Uber to provide a seamless ride-booking service from within Hilton’s HHonors app, according to a recent article by Sarah Buhr for TechCrunch

Guests of the hotel will be prompted to set a “Ride Reminder” for when they are going to or from the hotel. The automated notification will remind them to request a ride at the appropriate time. This Uber API integration continues Hilton’s work to provide an end-to-end service to their guests within the HHonors app, improving customer experience with every addition.

This service will be enhanced by the Hilton app’s ability to access Uber local rider data. Called ‘Local Scene’, this feature will help guide Hilton guests to the most popular local spots according to the rideshare service’s aggregate rider data in each city. The partnership itself will provide another revenue channel for Uber, further adding to its local rider data stream.

This is the first time a third-party has been given access to this rider location data, and Uber is not planning to integrate with any other companies at this time, according to Jonathan DiOrio, head of Uber’s travel partnerships.

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Checking Out? Hilton’s App Now Lets You Grab An Uber