Hodl Hodl Launches API for its Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Exchange

Hodl Hodl, a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange, has launched an APITrack this API. Through the API, third-party apps and websites can display Hodl Hodl offers. By extending the reach of Hodl Hodl's peer-to-peer exchange offers, the company hopes it might increase trading activity on its exchange.

"The API was developed due to the high demand from OTC brokerage desks," Max Keidun, Hodl Hodl CEO, told Bitcoin Magazine. "It will allow other services such as wallets and different types of aggregators to include Hodl Hodl in their offering."

In addition to the Hodl Hodl offers, API users will also gain access to a list of countries, currencies and payment methods supported by the exchange. Yadio and BlueWallet are the first two partner companies to integrate with the API. Both partners fit within Hodl Hodl's target customer base for the API which includes OTC trading desks, Bitcoin wallets, and aggregators.

Through the API, users can both Fetch offers from the Hodl Hodl exchange and manage their own offers. This includes searching public offers, fetching newly created offers, creating new offers, and updating existing offers. Check out more details at the API docs.

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