Hold On to Your Keyboard With This High Adventure API

Kumutu will take your vacation planning up a notch with its collection of high adventure experiences.  By partnering with established adventure operators around the globe it has created an extensive network of guides to take you on your next daring outing whether it is scuba diving in Bali or Safariing in Uganda.  It's the nature of these experiences that sets the Kumutu API apart from the other 78 travel APIs already listed in the Programmable web directory.

Kumutu invites you to meet excitement at your destination of choice with its Restful API.  If its XML API responses that really get your adrenaline flowing, then you won’t be disappointed with Kumutu: it has plenty of it for you.  If you want JSON, well, Kumutu would like to sit you down and have a chat.  That’s probably because you need to sign a waiver of liability due to the extreme adventure-y experience of getting its' data in JSON format.  You will need to create an account in order to start using the API.  I’m not sure if you need to list a next of kin, but it might be a good idea.  Who knows if you’ll be able to handle what Kumutu has in store!  API keys are given away with each user account.

Kumutu’s data is broken down into the following sets:  suppliers, activities, countries, regions, and reviews.  Beware, this is only the 0.5 release of the API and the possibility of changing  methods in the next version is openly disclosed.

There's already one rather slick Kumutu Integration listed on the website.  There’s still lots of opportunity for promotion if you want to be the second one to integrate Kumutu's information into your travel site.  It looks like that second place prize might go to World Adrenaline, who is working on Kumutu integration in a github open source repository.  You might have to settle for third place, but that’s not too shabby.

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