Homeland Security and FEMA to Host Hardware Hackathon

The Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Intel are set to host a hardware hackathon in October. The hackathon will take place in Red Hook, a community in Brooklyn, N.Y., nearly destroyed by Superstorm Sandy, with a focus on resiliency and disaster recovery. The hackathon will be one of the many events at The Feast 2014, an invitation-only conference dedicated to building a brighter future.

The Red Hook community continues to recover from Sandy, the storm that devastated much of the area. The hardware hackathon will provide an opportunity for designers, entrepreneurs and technologists to tackle real-world problems that Red Hook faces and receive critical feedback from local stakeholders. The direct feedback will allow participants to refine prototypes, which the organizers hope will lead to marketable products in the disaster recovery and community resiliency markets.

The Feast Conference will take place Oct. 9-11, and the hardware hackathon will run Oct. 10-11. As the entire conference is by invite only, interested hackers should apply to participate. Hackathon participants will receive free entry to The Feast Conference 2014 (generally a $1,500 ticket). Applicants with existing hardware solutions aimed at resiliency will be given preference in the application process.

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