Honeywell Launches New Cloud API Program With Select Partners

Honeywell, a Fortune 100 diversified technology and manufacturing company, has announced the launch of the Honeywell Cloud API Program initially available to select partners. The Honeywell Cloud API Program features the new Comfort Control API which allows development partners programmatic access to Honeywell Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. Honeywell also currently offers an AlarmNet Direct API that allows programmatic access to Honeywell home and business security devices.

Honeywell My Total Connect App

Image Credit: Honeywell

The new Comfort Control API enables communication between Honeywell Wi-Fi enabled thermostats and other applications and devices. This allows control of the energy efficiency of a home and/or business to be managed using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The Honeywell Cloud API Program is currently in beta testing with several partner companies including Akuacom, Opower, Control4, and Lutron. The Akuacom Platform not only uses the Comfort Control API, but also links to the Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app which allows users to control heating, cooling and other thermostat features using their smartphone, tablet or computer. Tony Uttley, Honeywell Home Comfort and Energy Systems General Manager, states for the press release that:

"Honeywell subscribes to the belief that peoples' lives are made easier, and better, if devices and products talk to each other. With the Comfort Control API, our thermostats will communicate with other apps and devices, which gives consumers a greater experience of convenience, control, an energy management within their home."

Honeywell provides a variety of mobile apps which are available through the My Total Connect website. App features include real-time alerts, video services, mobile control, automation, and other remote functions.

Companies interested in participating in the Honeywell Cloud API Program and using the new Comfort Control API can submit a request for an invitation at the Honeywell ECC website.

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