Hootsuite Announces Interaction History API to Monitor Social Media Engagement

Hootsuite recently introduced its new Interaction History API. Through the API, developers of third party apps can retrieve social engagement data from Hootsuite. Through the API, users can read mentions, comments, likes, and other exchanges between their app and a particular social media profile. In turn, developers can build smarter apps with context gained through the monitor of these social media exchanges.

The API is available to Hootsuite Enterprise customers. Developers can access the API in an app through the Hootsuite app directory or in a custom-built app for an Enterprise organization. Hootsuite specifically identified apps that utilize sentiment analysis or CRM-connected apps as candidates for the new API. For instance, an app provider could analyze a particular user who has mentioned the app on Twitter by reviewing the user's Twitter engagement with other topics and users.

The Interaction History API operates similarly to other Hootsuite APIs (e.g. RESTful, OAuth 2.0 authorization, etc.). Currently, the API includes an Endpoint for Twitter, and an endpoint for Facebook. Within the endpoints, developers can pull the type of interaction on Twitter or Facebook (e.g. mention, private message, etc.). Hootsuite has published PHP and Node.js samples at its developer blog. For more details, check out the reference docs.

Hootsuite published a sample plugin on GitHub that demonstrates how to supplement status data from Twitter. Getting started requires the Hootsuite app with an API client ID and secret. Those interested can sign up here. Engage with the Hootsuite team and other developers at the developer forum.

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