Hoppit API: Choosing Food Based On Mood

What makes a trip to a restaurant a great experience is not just the fact that they serve delicious food and good wine, but it has a lot to do with the atmosphere and overall 'vibe' of the place. Of course, a 'good vibe' means different things to different people (some like it chilled and some like it loud and bustling), so imagine how cool it would be to be able to browse through dining options based on the exact atmosphere you're looking for. That's what Hoppit is all about; finding restaurants by atmosphere. Hoppit's API provides access to this handy functionality.


Hoppit is designed to give users a variety of dining options based on their moods. For example, someone may be heading out with a group of friends and they're looking for something trendy and hipster with a lot of hustle and bustle. The app can provide a list of interesting eateries in a given area that meet these very requirements. Users simply select a location, choose the vibe they're looking for and describe who they're with (friends, family, kids, a significant other etc) to refine their search according to the kind of evening out they're looking for. They can detail their search even further by adding the distance they want to travel, the price range they would prefer, the type of venue, specific cuisine and even noise level. The application then provides a selection of top restaurant matches along with maps, detailed information on the venues and high resolution restaurant photography.


The Hoppit API gives developers access to the data used by this award-winning application, allowing them to integrate it with other applications. In order to access data and further information on the API, developers can register and create an account on Hoppit's website.

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