Hoss Launches New API Monitoring Platform

Hoss, a Y-combinator backed startup, launched an API tracking and management Platform today. The platform allows companies to track, monitor, and manage all the APIs consumed by their business across the board. Hoss built its platform because of the ever-increasing use of APIs across business and overwhelming issues related to those same businesses not having visibility into the performance of the APIs consumed.

"We are acutely aware that we are launching our solution during a unique moment in history when effective API tracking and management is more critical than ever to keep deliveries, online transactions, and contact-free interactions running smoothly," Matt Hawkins, Hoss CEO and co-founder, commented in a company announcement. "Even outside of a global pandemic, 83% of all web traffic can be attributed to APIs, and the wide array of APIs that businesses consume continues to become more varied and complex."

Hoss points to a report that around half of companies that knowingly utilize APIs don't track them. Further, all signs point that API adoption will only continue to increase across businesses of all industries. Given these trends, the Hoss teams find it imperative that companies have better insight into the APIs they rely on.

The Hoss platform is available in a freemium model. The platform includes insight into API performance, error alerts, debugging assistance, and more. Learn more by signing up for a free account.

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