Hosting Company MediaTemple Gets an API

If you're a developer hosting your apps on MediaTemple, then you'll want to get into the beta of the new MediaTemple API. Though you need to apply to get access, the company has provided quite a bit of information to drool over while you await for your API application to be approved.

Here's How MediaTemple introduces its API:

The (mt) API opens up a new level of flexibility and freedom to your hosted infrastructure. Access statistics, reboot servers, check billing status, all via an interface that gives you the controls to make it your own.

So what will you be able to do with the MediaTemple API? A lot, actually. The basics like realtime server status, authentication and server information as well as rebooting and starting your server is all there. MediaTemple's API also allows various services like adding temporary disk space, and setting your root and Plesk passwords.

According to the API Roadmap, it looks like there's more interesting things in the works. Scaling up/down your server, and adding server controls like stopping, resuming, can even canceling a server are all in the plans.

As expected, the MediaTemple API is offering all of this as a RESTful, JSON-returning API, so it should be easy to get working on apps for the platform in no time.

Currently, the API is in private beta so you'll need to fill out the application and wait a little bit before you can dive in. All in all, this should be pretty exiting if you use MediaTemple. Personally, I would just love a server dashboard for my mobile device. Something I can just glance at an know what's up. Hopefully, someone will get on that.

MediaTemple joins 16 hosting-related APIs, including the Dreamhost API from one of its main competitors.


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[...] MediaTemple API: Web hosting company MediaTemple provides an API to access many of its services, such as adding temporary disk space or rebooting the server. The API is currently in limited beta, but is expected to eventually be publicly available to any MediaTemple customer. On the blog we wrote about MediaTemple joining [...]