Hosting Provider 100TB Launches First API

100TB, a rising Web hosting provider, has launched its first API: the Tera API. The API is aimed at 100TB's reseller customers. 100TB describes an API as a potential "trump card" in a reseller's hand because it allows a reseller's end users to control servers directly through the reseller. With the correct API methods available to the reseller, the end users no longer have the need for a third party to manage their servers. In its first release, the Tera API comes stocked with a wide array of methods, and the company anticipates that the list will grow.

100TB launched as a UK-based, UK-focused, dedicated hosting provider. Today, the company has expanded its presence with data centers around the world that serve customers around the world. As the name implies, 100TB offers 100 terabytes of unrestricted, tier one bandwidth each month. For those concerned with performance in a public cloud setup, 100TB easily settles such unease.

The Tera API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. The long list of methods available with the first release include server reboot, kernel rescue, enable switch port, disable switch port, OS reload, bandwidth graphing, grab list of server, and many more. For a detailed list, visit the API docs.

The company has moved beyond utilizing APIs as a technological advantage. Instead, 100TB has pitched its first API as a marketing and sales tool to empower its customers. The API economy continues to grow, and 100TB's strategy shows that the API has moved beyond the tech team. The Tera API, in its initial form, has been pitched as a value-added sales tool and should serve 100TB well as it participates in a crowded market.

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