Hotel WiFi Test Announces Content API

Hotel WiFi Test, a leader in collecting, analyzing and distributing hotel Wi-Fi data, launched a free Content API this week. The API provides server-to-server integrations for access to hotel Wi-Fi quality records in bulk. As hotel guests continue to rate Wi-Fi as a leading factor in selecting a hotel, better information on a hotel's Wi-Fi quality enhances a traveler's ability to choose a hotel. The API is aimed at hotel booking websites and apps.

"Our main goal for this launch is to provide hotel Wi-Fi speed and quality information to travelers without them having to leave their favorite travel websites," Yaroslav Goncharov, Hotel WiFi Test's founder and CEO, said in a press release. "Another critical goal is to integrate this data directly into the hotel selection flow, so that it can be used for searching, sorting and filtering along with other key hotel characteristics, such as price or guest feedback score."

Hotel WiFi Test has tested hotel Wi-Fi speed and quality in more than 4,000 cities across the globe. The data is crowdsourced, processed and made available for free to all travelers. Such access was made programmatic this week through the release of the Content API. With new reports released quarterly, the company continues to offer new metrics and value such as city, country and regional rankings based on Wi-Fi quality.

The API provides Wi-Fi rank, expected speed and confidence. Wi-Fi rank depicts the percentile rank compared to other hotels worldwide. Expected speed is displayed as megabits per second a user would likely experience at a randomly selected time. Confidence presents as a value percentage based on factors such as number of tests taken, rating of users, timeliness of the tests taken and diversity of tests. To learn more, apply for access.

When reserving a hotel room online, customers expect to learn whether a hotel has Wi-Fi access or not. However, Wi-Fi details are usually limited to "free" or "available for a fee." Hotel WiFi Test has aimed to provide more useful data surrounding Wi-Fi quality and speed. Now, with API access to such data, travel and hotel sites can easily present such data to users in a useful, flexible manner.

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