How ADP Uses APIs to Drive Innovation in HR

Due to the vast number of independent software solutions aimed at HR departments, an HR leader can spend as much as 60% of their time on administrative tasks, according to a recent article by Jonathan Salem Baskin for Forbes.

In response to this issue, human capital management (HCM) solutions provider ADP has launched a comprehensive marketplace that changes the way their systems interact. The marketplace acts as a store for apps that are already integrated in the cloud, also exposing ADP’s APIs to clients for integrating new or existing apps and programs with the Platform.

“We’re essentially providing the first-ever OS for HCM,” said Don Weinstein, SVP product management at ADP, and this is all built around the data made available through APIs. So far, over 100 ADP clients are leveraging their own data via ADP APIs to build connections between systems using solutions purchased or developed on the Marketplace.

The company is providing access to this cloud offering, but has innovated the security around it by developing secure APIs that grant individual control over what data is accessible by a particular app, with a comprehensive security system running constant reviews and code vulnerability scans.

This platform removes the need for HR managers to hunt for relevant solutions on the open market and face the challenge of implementing and integrating it with existing systems. The ADP Marketplace boasts over 90 apps so far, and the company is implementing plans to double that figure by the end of 2016.

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ADP Creates First-Ever OS For Human Resources