How APIs Are Enabling IoT Automation Once Thought Impossible

The emergence and growth of the IoT is driven by APIs, which allow rapid development, security and scalability. The ability of different systems to communicate with each other over the cloud is powering a level of disruption unparalleled in history, writes Samuel Greengard for CIOInsight.

CentralLite Systems, who manufacture and sell energy systems, motion and thermostat sensors, and lighting controls in more than 50 countries worldwide, are using API technology to deliver new products and services to their customers. “Today, it’s possible to build smarter and better systems that deliver real benefits,” says John Calagaz, CTO at CentralLite Systems.

The company uses the ZigBee protocol for connected communications, but needed to build a framework with end-to-end connectivity to deliver the manageability and support that real-world application requires. The new platform allows devices to be linked and controlled by mobile apps and other tools via the cloud. By monitoring device behaviour and handling all of the data analysis in the cloud, the platform allows the company to introduce advanced features for many of their customers which weren’t possible just a few years ago.

The ability to offer remote check-in, third-party authentication and door locks to customers of their hotel clients, all controlled via a smartphone app, highlights the level of automation a robust API framework introduces. During emergency evacuation situations, for example, occupancy detection sensors can inform authorities which property units are not vacant and must be manually checked. The system can then issue a temporary PIN that authorities can use to enter the necessary units without the need to worry about keys, thus increasing speed and safety.

By delivering intelligent connectedness across devices and systems, with customisable interfaces and interactions with vast scalability, APIs are driving the future.

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