How APIs are Powering ITV’s Digital Agility

Some UK broadcasters embraced the shift to digital media as the technology was becoming available. This adoption led to platforms such as BBC iPlayer, Channel 4’s 4OD, and, more internationally, Netflix and Amazon Instant. Now, ITV is set to accept the need to adapt and keep up by updating its legacy systems, according to Margi Murphy’s recent article for TechWorld.

The broadcaster’s legacy issues began 10 years ago when it amalgamated its regional systems in the switch from analogue to digital, releasing software once every quarter. Now, ITV’s online Platform team is releasing software every day as they seek to become more agile through the use of APIs.

Last year, the team updated the 35-year old scheduling system with a RESTful approach to allow the platform to expose data quickly and securely. “If a partner asked for scheduling data we could give them an API key and tell them to fill their boots”, says Paul Clark, ITV’s online CTO.

By reducing processes like this from months to minutes, ITV is taking a big step in the right direction to making itself digitally relevant. Clark has underlined his intentions to keep up the forward momentum by hiring new, digitally-minded talent, as well as nurturing innovation within ITV’s own ranks.

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How ITV is increasing agility with APIs