How APIs can Improve Communication Across a Decoupled Project

In his post on Lullabot's blog, Mateu Aguiló Bosch discussed the benefits of building from an API in a decoupled project. By opening the lines of communication between the various teams working on a specific project, APIs become the middleware between software components and the middle ground between project members.

It is important to remember that APIs are the communication interface between two sides of a data transaction. With this communication at heart, it is important to ensure your API language is accessible to people beyond the development team.

As Mike Stowe writes in a Mulesoft Blog post; “One of the quickest ways to kill your API is to define the API in your code, instead of coding to its definition.” By re-using the terminology from the content model in the API, technical and non-technical team members can communicate clearly and efficiently on API-related matters.

Major decisions regarding the API may come from designers, project managers or stakeholders with little technical knowledge. However, building in this manner places decisions in the middle ground in a way that is accessible to everyone and so doesn’t favour any specific team over another. The API becomes the natural interaction point between developers, project managers and stakeholders, which clears the path for a smoother, more efficient implementation schedule.

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Beyond Decoupling: The Inherent Virtues of an API