How Are You? API: Taking Better Care Of Your Health

How Are You? Is a UK-based application that provides a free service for NHS patients and NHS healthcare professionals, enabling them to create personal online health records that can be easily managed and shared where necessary. This kind of application has the potential to greatly enhance and improve the future of eHealth, and by providing the How Are You API, the service makes it possible for its handy functionality to be accessed and integrated with other applications.


With so many people in the UK constantly needing to contact NHS doctors for advice or treatment, or even just to find out more about certain symptoms, you can imagine how busy things can get. By providing patients with a way to manage and access their own medical records and easily get the information and advice that they need regarding certain conditions, it's easy to see how an application like this could be quite relevant.


How Are You? is a helpful tool for both parties - the healthcare professionals and the patients. Patients simply enter the details of their conditions, allergies and medications, and can then manage their records, create personal care plans, upload, store and share files, get further advice and information about their conditions, see their health data clearly and discover further information that may be of help, interact and discuss with others in their network and add a variety of healthcare apps relevant to their conditions. For Healthcare professionals, it provides a way to easily to see a patient's clinical records as well as the additional personal health data the patient has entered, giving a much clearer and in-depth look into each patient and allowing for better care. A quote from the Department of Health, Digital Strategy December 2012 suggests that,

"The impact technology can have in healthcare is profound and transformative. More open access to quality data increases our understanding of how diseases develop and spread. Linking data – to industry and research as well as to patients, service users and the public – gives us insight into the whole patient journey, not just isolated episodes of care. Sharing experiences through social channels equips people with information to help them to get the right support or care."


The How Are You? REST API makes it possible to do things like retrieve, edit, and delete information on the medical conditions, medications and allergies in a patient's record. Interested developers can register for an account on the How Are You? website.

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