How Canada's YellowAPI is Helping Developers Monetize Their Applications

Canada’s Yellow Pages Group (YPG) is launching a new developer ecosystem to support and stimulate startup innovation in the local search and location based services market, including a certified developer program and four ways to monetize applications. The new developer ecosystem comes partly from the group's work with hackfests. “We got tired of seeing all these great ideas die after the hack, we wanted to make sure these potential local search apps were brought to market," YPG's Bradley Wing said. YPG understands the YellowAPI is a natural extension of its existing business model, and extends the reach of its advertisers by feeding their listings through 3rd parties applications built on the Platform.

The YPG platform team feels its sole purpose is to help developers monetize their applications in a way that sustains their innovation, and so YPG has built a program that demonstrates this.

Developers who apply and are approved by the YPG selection committee gain access to a number of resources including consultation on design, quality assurance, legal guidance, technical assistance and beta funding to take the apps live.

The platform provides developers with four ways to monetize their applications:

  1. Paid search - Paying for volumes of high quality traffic from applications
  2. Wigets - Group buying solutions in Canada and "Deal of the Day" widgets
  3. Advertising - Platform specific digital ad network provided by Mediative
  4. Placement - Premium paid search using mobile placement products

Participating platform developers also have the opportunity to be offered custom development projects to make money in addition to application monetization.

You can see interviews with some YellowAPI developers in the video embedded below:

YPG clearly sees its API and its platform development community as an integral part of their core business, and the monetization of this platform has to include partners and developers to ensure everyone’s sucess.

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