How Chicago Transportation Uses Google Maps API to Coordinate Infrastructure

Since 2011, Chicago has been improving the efficiency of civic projects through the intelligent use of Google Maps Web Services APIs, according to a recent post by Lawrence Olzsac and William Cheaks Jr., guest blogging for Google’s Code the Road series.

Backed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Department of Transportation Project Coordination Office, which is managed by Collins Engineers Inc., sought new GIS management software. The resulting application, called dotMaps, was designed and built by SADA Systems and is an interactive Web-mapping service built using Google Maps and Google Cloud Platform.

The application allows city engineers, officials and planners to easily manage civic projects and infrastructure work, reduce conflicts, save taxpayer money and reduce traffic congestion caused by work taking place across the city. This was achieved by coordinating overlapping projects using geolocation in real time to save money and improve the living conditions for residents.

Using dotMaps’ interactive map, relevant agents can browse projects by type, agency, date, address or other data. Google MapsGeoCoding API identifies projects on the map for quick access to project information. Google Maps Distance Matrix API provides search capabilities within a defined radius. Google Places API auto-completes and validates addresses as they are entered, and the Google Maps JavaScript API displays all of the relevant information on the Web page with the familiar Google Maps interface.

By providing instant access to project information, government entities can make informed decisions faster and implement plans more efficiently. Using this technology to reduce duplicate works saved the city more than $24 million in 2014. And with the forward plan to extend these features to include private companies, such as Verizon, AT&T and Comcast, undertaking construction projects in the city, these APIs could save significant costs in civic construction far beyond Chicago.

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Chicago Department of Transportation helps build a new Chicago using Google Maps APIs